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Australian Outback Marathon

Event - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the date of the race?
    • The Australian Outback Marathon will always be held on the last Saturday in July. The dates for the next few years are:
      26th July 2014
      25th July 2015
      30th July 2016 

  • Can I simply enter the Australian Outback Marathon without purchasing a package?
    • Entries to the Australian Outback Marathon are only available as part of a Package and no “Entry Only” options are available.

  • How can I participate in the Australian Outback Marathon if I am a local resident?
    • At the Australian Outback Marathon local participation is always welcome and this can take one of two forms:

      1. As an Entrant
      Special provisions have been made for local entrants living in and around Yulara to participate in the Australian Outback Marathon. If you are a local resident please contact the Australian Outback Marathon directly for entry details at

      2. As a volunteer
      Given the remoteness of the location, the Australian Outback Marathon could not be run without the involvement of the local community. If you would like to volunteer to help out on the day of the Marathon, please contact Travelling Fit directly at

  • What are the different distances that comprise the Australian Outback Marathon?
    • There are four different events for you to choose from

      42.2km Marathon
      21.1km Half-Marathon
      11km fun run/walk
      6km fun run/walk

      We strongly encourage ALL participants to get involved in one of the events

  • Is there an entry criterion for any of the events?
    • The 6km fun run/walk and the 11km fun run are open to all ages.

      To participate in the Half-Marathon you must be aged 15 years or older on race day and to participate in the Marathon you must be 18 years or older on race day.

      Exceptions may apply so please contact us at if you require any further information.

  • What time do the events start?
    • The Marathon and Half-Marathon will both start at 7:45am.

      The 11km fun run and 6km fun run will start at 8:00am

  • Are the various distances accurate?
    •  The Australian Outback Marathon is an adventure marathon run on varying terrain so, like other adventure marathons around the world, the course is not measurable to AIMS standards. However we have used the best available technology to ensure you run at least the advertised distances.

  • Where do I pick up my race pack?
    • Your race pack will be waiting for you when you check in to the hotel. If you have elected to arrive at the Ayers Rock Resort prior to the start of your itinerary please let us know and we will organise to make your race pack available.

      NOTE: for all activities that are included in your itinerary you MUST: be in possession of your wrist band. This includes all tours, transfers (other than upon your arrival), all meals (including resort breakfast) and transfers to and from the race start/finish area.

  • Can I change my race distance prior to race day?
    • Race changes are permitted and all changes can be made prior to the mandatory race briefing the day before the race.

  • Will there be medical personnel at the Australian Outback Marathon?
    •  Yes, there will be several medically trained personnel at the start/finish area as well as at some of the aid stations, just in case they are needed. There is also a medical centre at the Ayers Rock Resort and the Australian Outback Marathon will have a helicopter on standby just in case it is required.

      It is highly recommended that ALL runners therefore have at the very least adequate medical insurance cover for the Australian Outback Marathon.

  • How often will drinks be available?
    • Drinks will be stationed approximately every three kilometres throughout the Half-Marathon and the Marathon. There will also be three drinks station in the 11km fun run. There will be a drinks station for the 6km fun run/walk at approximately 4km. Each drinks station will have bottled water and some will have electrolyte drinks as well. 

  • Can I take my own personal drinks?
    • Yes, personal drinks can be left at the 9km, 15km, 27km and 33km drinks stations for Marathon runners and at the 9km and 15km drink stations for Half Marathon runners.

      All personal drinks must be dropped at the race briefing between 4:00pm and 5:00pm on the Friday prior to the race.

      Your personal drinks MUST be clearly marked.

      Personal drinks will NOT be accepted on race day.

  • Can I change my itinerary after I arrive at the Ayers Rock Resort?
    • You will not be able to add additional pre-arranged tours to your itinerary once you arrive at the Ayers Rock Resort. You can, of course, elect not to participate in a pre-booked tour or activity if you wish and there are many tour options to choose from once you are at the resort.

  • Can I transfer my booking to another person?
    • Once you have made your booking and the final payment has been made the booking cannot be transferred to another person or transferred to another year.

  • I am injured - can I transfer my booking to next year?
    • Once you have made your booking and the final payment has been made the booking cannot be transferred to another year without written approval from Travelling Fit, the event organisers of the Australian Outback Marathon.

  • Can I run the Australian Outback Marathon and raise money for charity?
    • The Australian Outback Marathon strongly encourages fund-raising by all of our competitors. We actively support several school groups within the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park and we would be more than happy to discuss with you how you can also be involved.

  • Will there be food at the finish line?
    • Yes, there will be food provided for all participants at the finish line starting from approximately 9:00am.

      There will be electolyte drinks, sandwiches, muffins, tea, coffee and hot soup available all day.

  • How do I get to the race start?
    • Your transfer to the race start has been included as part of your package. Our private coaches will pick you up from outside your hotel in plenty of time to ensure that you are at the start line ready for your event.

  • How do I get back to the resort once I have finished?
    • Our private coaches will be operating a shuttle service from the race start/finish area back to the resort so that you can leave whenever you have finished your event.

      All participants are encouraged to remain at the finish, however, to cheer in those runners who have elected to enjoy the wondrous scenery for just a little longer.

      A good idea is to hop on the shuttle, go back to your hotel to freshen up and then hop back on the shuttle to go back to the finishing line to cheer in the last participants.

  • What else comes with my race entry?
    • Depending on the itinerary you have chosen, you will have various different tours and meals included as part of your Australian Outback Marathon experience. ALL participants who have booked an accommodation package have breakfast included for every morning that you are staying at the Ayers Rock Resort. In addition, everyone who has booked an accommodation based itinerary is invited to attend our Friday evening Carbo Load Dinner.

      Everyone who has booked a standard package that includes Sunday night will also get to experience our exclusive ”Sounds of Silence” Celebration Dinner which will be held at a private, outdoor dining area.

      All participants who have booked prior to 16th May 2014 will receive a limited edition Australian Outback Marathon Coolmax running top.

      NOTE: The Celebration dinner will only be available to those participants who have booked a package of three nights or more that includes the Sunday night.

      Tickets for our exclusive Celebration dinner are not available for sale once you have arrived at the resort.

  • What sort of clothing should I wear on race day?
    • Your normal running gear will be fine for the event. It will be reasonably chilly at the race start so you may want to consider running in leggings and a long-sleeved running top.

      Note that these may prove to be quite warm as the race goes on, however. For those that are competing in the Marathon and Half-Marathon, you will be able to discard unwanted clothing at the any of the aid stations as you pass by.

      All discarded clothing will be made available at Sails in the Desert on the day after the race. Be sure to mark all of your personal belongings so that you can easily reclaim them at the end of your event.

      Please note that whilst every effort will be made to return your discarded clothing, the Australian Outback Marathon cannot guarantee that your items will be returned so we strongly suggest you do not wear your favourite clothes with the intention of reclaiming them later.

  • What type of surface will I be running on?
    • The course for the Australian Outback Marathon consists of hard-packed earth fire trails, soft sand, graded but unsealed roads and a small amount of sealed asphalt road.

      Depending on the weather conditions in the preceding months there may be a varying amount of soft sand (the more rain the more compacted the tracks and trails).

  • Do I need to wear a special type of shoe during the race?
    •  We recommend that, as with any running race, the best running shoes to wear are the ones that you are most comfortable in. For most participants normal running shoes will be fine but you may also want to consider using a trail running shoe as the terrain is mainly hard and soft sand.

  • What is the expected temperature and humidity?
    • The average daytime temperature in July is 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) whilst the night-time temperature is only 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). This means that on race day the temperature will be chilly just before and just after dawn but will be perfect once you are running. The humidity levels are usually less than 10%.

      NOTE: the area can be quite cold in the evenings so be sure to bring something warm.

  • What do I do with my litter?
    • It is essential that NO litter is dropped on the course.

      The Australian Outback Marathon will be conducted on private land and the course utilises areas that are not normally open to the public. In order to ensure that the environment is kept as pristine as possible we request that ALL litter that you need to dispose of is done only in the rubbish bins provided.

      Any participant dropping litter on the course will be immediately disqualified from their event and removed from the course. This applies to water bottles and personal drinks bottles as well as any other litter you may need to dispose of.

  • What can I do with my free time?
    • Travelling Fit have already organise a number of optional tours at discounted prices for you to choose from. These include:

      • Uluru Sunset Tour
      • Sunset Camel Ride

      • Uluru Sunrise Tour
      • Sunrise Camel Ride

      • Uluru/Kata Tjuta Helicopter Tours
      • Kata Tjuta “Valley of the Winds” Walk
      • Kings Canyon Day Trip


  • How far is it from the airport to the Ayers Rock Resort?
    • Connellan Airport (Ayers Rock Airport) is six kilometres from the Ayers Rock Resort and it takes about 10 minutes to transfer between the two.

  • How will the Marathon, Half-Marathon, 11km and 6km races be signed?
    • All events will be have distance markers at every kilometre. In addition, each kilometre sign will also have the distance in miles on the sign. Also, the entire course will be clearly marked with “arrowed” signage to ensure that you will always know which way to go when out on the course.

      Each different event will have its signage colour-coded according to the distance

      Marathon signs will be RED
      Half Marathon signs will be BLACK
      11km Fun Run/Walk signs will be BLUE
      6km Fun Run/Walk signs will be GREEN

  • If I am travelling from outside Australia, where can I change money?
    • International currency can be changed into Australian Dollars at the reception of your hotel. In addition, there is also an ANZ bank in the shopping precinct at the resort.

  • Is there mobile phone coverage at the Ayers Rock Resort?
    • Mobile phones will work at Ayers Rock resort and for approximately a 20km radius around the resort. This means that your phone WILL work at Uluru but you WILL NOT get coverage at Kata Tjuta. If you do not have a mobile phone but want to get one for your stay, pre-paid mobile phones can be purchased from the Post Office situated in the shopping precinct.

  • Is there internet available at Ayers Rock Resort?
    • Yes, there is wireless internet at all of the hotels. Wireless coverage is availble in and around the reception and swimming pool areas of each hotel and may be available in those rooms close to the reception areas. The cost is $25 for each 24 hour period. Internet kiosks are also available should you wish to use them.