The Australian Outback 6km Fun Run/Walk course is completely off-road, made up of bush trails and graded, unsealed roads. The running surface consists of the famous “red earth” that can be found all over central Australia, and stunning views of Uluru (Ayers Rock) are waiting for you around almost every corner.

Setting off in a North-Easterly direction, you will have approximately 1km of graded road to navigate before turning into a “soft red earth” outback trail that central Australia is so famous for.

After approximately 2 1/2 km you take a right turn onto another outback track where you will start to get some spectacular views of Uluru. Opened specifically for the Australian Outback Marathon, this 3 1/2km looping track has some of the best vantage points on the entire course. Don’t forget to look up as you traverse over the top of the sand-dunes.

After 5km you hit the main track back to the finish area to collect your reward, enjoy the views and tuck into your well-earned breakfast.

The incredible atmosphere of the Australian Outback Marathon is not just for full marathoners. Open to all levels of runners, the 6km running event is one of a kind. By running on part of the same route as the full marathon runners, you’ll experience the same RUSH! Not to mention the same spectacular scenery.

There is plenty of soft sand and a couple of small dunes for you to navigate but the end result will be well worth the effort!